How to Choose a Good Wi-fi Booster

Internet and smartphones now become one of basic human needs.  Almost every people these days have smartphone.  Even a person can have more than a smartphone.  That’s why smartphone now can be categorized as one of lifestyle gadgets.  You can access all information you want to know through your smartphone, which is one of the lifestyle gadgets.  You can also share your happiest moment to your saddest moment through your smartphones.  People also choose their lifestyle gadgets by the most up to date model and a very modern one that will give you the best feature you can get.  But somehow, no matter how good your smartphone is, if there’s no connection to the internet, then your smartphone, which is one of lifestyle gadgets, then somehow it become useless.  That’s why you need this another lifestyle gadgets named wifi booster.  But do you know how to choose a good wifi booster for you?

Choosing a Good Wifi Booster

It must be terrible when your room is a little bit far from the wifi and it makes the internet connection low.  It will interfere your work and it takes a little bit more time to finish it when you can do it faster.  One thing that you can do is to install a wifi booster, one of these days lifestyle gadgets.  But it may be confusing for you, the beginner, to choose and to know how to install this gadget.  That’s why we will share you the know – how to choose a good wifi booster for you.

  1. The wifi booster need to be adjusted with the main router.  The standard wifi speeds are usually 433 to 867 Mbps.  Some are even higher than that.  In high – speed model wifi booster, it can exceed 1000 Mbps at 5 GHz.  If you want your smartphone, as one of your lifestyle gadgets, work faster, you can choose a high – speed wifi booster model with 1000 Mbps speed.
  2. You need to adjust the wifi booster frequency with the main router.  There are 2 kinds of wifi booster, the one with 2,4 GHz frequency and 5 GHz frequency.   The 2.4 GHz wifi booster can expand the wifi booster range and is suitable for rooms with a lot of insulation or walls.  Wifi booster can also be used when the weather is bad like heavy and or even storms.  But, there is a disadvantage of 2.4 GHz wifi booster, it often disturbed by other signals that have similar frequencies.  While 5 GHz wifi boosters’ range tends to be narrower than 2.4 GHz wifi booster frequency.  However, 5 GHz wifi booster is not really is not really disturbed by other frequencies.  This type of wifi booster is suitable for residential home and users who like to do video streaming or online gaming.
  3. You need to take a look at the location of wifi router installation.  There are 2 kinds of wifi boosters that are oftenly used by people, wireless and the one with a connecting cable that can be installed between the main router and the user. Before deciding to buy the wifi booster, you need to make sure the position of the main router with the user first.
  4. If you use a device with no Wi-Fi facilities, then you should check whether there is a LAN port to connect the device to the router or wifi booster, as your lifestyle gadgets.  Before connecting the device, make sure that there is a LAN port and the number of existing LAN ports.  The LAN port also can be functioned as a backup if the wifi feature on your lifestyle gadgets is damaged or cannot be used.
  5. Before intstalling the wifi booster, you need to make sure your wifi router first.  Is it need to install a wifi booster or not.  And you need to make sure which kind of wifi booster you want to use.  There are wifi boosters that have to be set manually and some others automatically installed.
  6. You need to make sure that the wifi booster match the main router.  There are various brands of wifi booster.  When you want to choose a wifi booster, you need to adjust it with the wifi router you use.  It doesn’t need to be in the same brand as the wifi router, as long as it compatible with the wifi router then it can be used.  But of course it will be better if it comes from the same brand.

That’s the tips and tricks you can use when you want to install a wifi booster in your house or work place to make your lifestyle gadgets work even better with a good wifi connection.